Monday, November 26, 2012

Crater Lake Oregon Trip --the info

My blog hates me.  That is why all the pictures in the last post don't have anything written.  I uploaded all of them and when I went to write about them I did who knows what and they disappeared. So I had to do it over again and I just published them before the blog devil tried to steal them again. Plus everybody really wants to see pics right.  So there you go:)
This trip to Crater Lake Oregon was wonderful.  It took 8 hours to drive there but the whole way was beautiful.  We stayed 4 days and didn't want to leave.  There was still so much more to do.  While there we went to the Crater, took hikes to hard to reach creeks and rivers.  We also saw multiple waterfalls and adorable little animals.  The kids and lady loved the dirt, as you can tell from the pic of noah covered in dirt.  That was all accomplished in the first 5 minutes of being there.  Sunsets on the crater are gorgeous as well as the moon rising; it reflects on the water and is spectacular.  This trip all came to pass because of an art exhibit in San Francisco we saw that showed gigantic pictures of beautiful landscapes and crater lake was one of them.  I said "Wouldn't it be nice to go there?" and cris said "why don't we? Its only in Oregon".  And so we did.  I will never forget this trip.

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