Monday, November 26, 2012

Crater Lake Oregon Trip --the info

My blog hates me.  That is why all the pictures in the last post don't have anything written.  I uploaded all of them and when I went to write about them I did who knows what and they disappeared. So I had to do it over again and I just published them before the blog devil tried to steal them again. Plus everybody really wants to see pics right.  So there you go:)
This trip to Crater Lake Oregon was wonderful.  It took 8 hours to drive there but the whole way was beautiful.  We stayed 4 days and didn't want to leave.  There was still so much more to do.  While there we went to the Crater, took hikes to hard to reach creeks and rivers.  We also saw multiple waterfalls and adorable little animals.  The kids and lady loved the dirt, as you can tell from the pic of noah covered in dirt.  That was all accomplished in the first 5 minutes of being there.  Sunsets on the crater are gorgeous as well as the moon rising; it reflects on the water and is spectacular.  This trip all came to pass because of an art exhibit in San Francisco we saw that showed gigantic pictures of beautiful landscapes and crater lake was one of them.  I said "Wouldn't it be nice to go there?" and cris said "why don't we? Its only in Oregon".  And so we did.  I will never forget this trip.

Trip to Crater Lake Oregon September 2012

Friday, March 18, 2011

The things kids say

Tonight Noah wanted to watch a movie in my room and hangout on my bed. I set it all up and then decided that I had to go to the store. This was the conversation while I was in the living room putting on my shoes and Noah was in my room.
"Noah, I'm going to Target. Want to come with me?" -v
"No, thank you"-n
"See you later"-v
"Where's my kiss?"-v
"No, I'm TIRED" (with a yawn)-n
"Aww, but I want a kiss."-v
I guess I got told.
Shortly after, as I was heading out, he ran out and gave me a hug and kiss. I love this kid.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A New Dynamic

I am the first to admit that I was not crazy about getting a dog. I love dogs but they are alot of responsibility and I didn't think that I was up for it. I am glad now in the end that we have Lady. I love her and I love the dynamic she brings to our family. Noah loves her and she loves him. They play all the time. I have even found that because of Lady we are even more inclined to be outdoors. We are always at parks or going walking. It's great. Everybody in the neighborhood, especially children, love her. She is friendly and always lets them pet her; as long as they don't mind getting licked. I am so glad that Noah will grow up with her.

California Weather...Lovin' It

We have been spending alot of time at parks lately because the weather has been so aaawesome. When I was in college and lived in Provo Utah, I used to tell my housemate Susie that California was the Land of the Gods because to me it is the perfect place to live (too bad all my family can't still be living here). We get all the seasons but it never gets too hot or too cold. We also get alot of fog which I love. We dont' get snow but we can drive 3 hours and just like magic there it is. I can even go to the beach and enjoy the view in the middle of winter. It doesn't get better than that for me. CALIFORNIA I love you and will never leave. (These pictures are of Noah at Howarth park)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


HAPPY HALLOWEEN to all our friends. This Halloween was filled with alot of fun. We started out October with two trips to the Pumpkin Patch; one for the corn maze and one for the patch. Noah loved running through the maze for about an hour. He was so tired and we couldn't find our way out so we had to tag along with a couple of teenage kids who had a map and saw our need. They were totally cool and making new friends makes everything more fun. When it was time for the pumpkin patch, Noah was all about trying to pick them up. While trying to take pictures I almost dropped my camera because out popped a mouse under my feet..YUCK!!! After all that fun we decided to have a small Halloween Party. We had Halloween Sherades and Pictionary, Yummy Chili and Hot dogs +appetizers, Decorate your own cupcakes, Pumpkin Carving contest, Mini-Pumpkin decorating and Bat Puppet making for the kids and last but not least a viewing of HOCUS POCUS. A great non scary halloween movie for all to enjoy. As a family we also attended my nieces school halloween parade/party where Noah was a fireman and Elanni was a bee. You may think I'm done but no there is more. We also went to the church's Trunk-A-Treat where even "lady" came to scare all the little kids and then the finale, treat-or-treating in petaluma near my mom's place. I was excited to take Noah there because that is where I went as a kid and always loved it. Hope all of you enjoyed your holiday and I am so excited that Thanksgiving and X-Mas are on there way. (note all of this was done throughout the month. Also more pictures are on facebook mine and cris')

Lady at trunck-a-treat.

Noah and Elanni trick-or-treating in Petaluma.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Noahs' 2nd Birthday part 3

I think before I start telling you about part 3, I should mention that each part happened on different days.
Okay part 3 was for family. We had cake and opened presents. Cris's uncle and cousins were there, tami and her kids, my mom, my sister and her daughter and of course cris's family was being skyped on the computer ( you can see them on the computer in the last picture). It has been such a blessing for us to have skype. It is bastically a video conference call. We talk to them and see them all the time. That way even though they are in Mexico, Noah can still see them when he wants. Noah was so used to blowing out candles that he sometimes acts like he is blowing something and that means he wants a treat (like cake or cupcakes) and he wants us to sing to him. We still do even though it is months later. We love him so much and are so grateful to have him we celebrate his birthday all the time. :):)